The Unfinished Letter / 2015 / Artist Book

This is a one-of-a-kind, 500 pages artist book that I hand made as a major presentation form of my larger project "The Unfinished Letter". It takes the style of a detective novel to demonstrate my winter trip of digging out the truth of my mentor's untimely death in China, including the city we met and the city she was born and raised. I talked to people who might heard of her death pretending knowing nothing, to see how they would deliver me the news and even comfort me. I revisited her old apartment and the college she graduated from, tried to get in touch with her family. 

The experience of my investigation is put in writing alternates with my memory of her. The text is a clue of searching in the reality whereas the images is another clue of searching in the perception. For me, this journey is an important gesture of me finding out "the answer" as well as letting go and moving on.

(selected text from the book / overview video, please see below)