Jasphy Yiran Zheng was born and has lived most of her life on islands, of various kinds. According to Google, her Chinese name means "also, else" or "vice versa". She gave the name Jasphy to herself, which has no literal meaning. She made life decisions based on people she encountered because a lower level of responsibility makes things easier. She achieved a BFA in photography at Rhode Island School of Design in 2016. Grad school is planned but not yet on recent agenda. Her work has been exhibited in US, UK, China, and will be in Japan soon. Having photography as her main medium for the past years, she strongly feels the limitation of image making when it comes to delivering abstract concepts or ideas, however, she is attracted to the failure of attempting to do so. Books is another medium that she is in love with, for the fact that it reaches a wide group of audience while maintaining a private interaction with them. She has an obsession with the concept of failure, ephemera, mortality and everything short-lived. She struggles with articulating herself on a daily basis and her solution is to make it more difficult for both ends. Like I said, she has a hard time communicating, however, funny enough, she is publishing a small magazine, Little Sound, that features heart-opening interviews with people meandering in the art field. She loves fat, mean cats and is less into dogs that are too cute. You can now find her in Kitakyushu, Japan. 


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