In Providence RI, there is a grassy triangle spot on Memorial Blvd by the river near Kennedy Plaza that few people ever noticed its existence, let along the sculpture on it made by artist Donald Gerola who moved to Providence from New York a decade ago to pursuit his career. 

A news came out in May 2016 saying that discouraged by lack of public acceptance, Gerola removed four of his sculptures in Rhode Island, saying it's the dumbest thing he ever did to bring his work to Rhode Island and he regrets it all. Was it the public in Rhode Island to dumb to appreciate a piece of art? Or was Gerola too lame to be an artist? What do WE need public art for? Both as an artist and a resident? 

With those questions in mind, I proposed this project on the triangle spot where is going to be replaced by a hotel in the future. 

One sentence will be written, word by word, through weeding the grass with long enough intervals that the change could be captured by Google Map. The sentence reads: "I want nothing from you." It is a statement speaking for both the public, the artist, and probably the triangle land as well.